Material Handling Equipment

Electric forklift truck

Electric forklifts made of eco-friendly materials have superior performance compared to the same class.
It provides various safety and convenience.

Sit down type
(Counterbalacne type)

Stand up type
(Reach funtion)

Electric Forklift Truck - Walkie Type

Smaller turning radius compared to forklifts sit down type Efficient work is possible even in a narrow environment.

Reach Type
Compact Type

Pallet Type

Engine Powered Forklift Truck

Productivity and performance with various range of enginrd (Diesel & LPG)
More power and control mean more choices
Diesel and LPG&Gasoline Powered Forklift Truck

Diesel Forklift Truck

Gasoline&LPG Forklift Truck

Pallet Truck

Easy operation makes it easy for anyone to carry cargo in any warehouse environment.
Electric Pallet Truck
Lithium Pallet Truck

Manual Pallet Truck

Tow Tractor & Platform Truck

Multi-functional all-weather capability helps to transport cargo conveniently.
Walkie Type
Boarding Type
Sit down Type

Platform Truck

Electric Self-Propelled Elevating Work Platform

Domestically produced high-altitude Scissor lift and crane satisfy the needs of customers with excellent durability and safety.

Electric Scissor Lift


It helps to carry and unload safely and quickly in narrow spaces.
Electric Stacker

Manual Stacker

Drum handling Equipment

It is possible to safely and quickly handle drum transport and input into containers (custom-made to fit drums)
Drum Lift

For transporting the drum
(when moving the drum on flat ground)

Lift Table

Mobile table lift

Lifts that reduce operator fatigue and increase work efficiency can be selected according to the working environment and application.


Electric Baby Boom Crane
Designed to drive electrically with electric rotataing boom and operated by electrically-hydraulic for lifting and keep Crane safe,
outrigger installed and platform could be custom-made.Up to 2 stage boom,oerated by hydraulic-electric and for 3 stage boom,manually operated.

Cleaning Equipment

It provides a cleaning effect that can quickly and cleanly manage various spaces.

Customization Equipment

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