About us

"Lift your dream"


A leader in logistics

Soosung has stood at one of the leading manufacturers of material handling equipments to be battery-driven and
we have been exclusively specializing in this fields of industry for more than 44 years establishment in 1970.



By using top quality of steel and components to be thoroughly tested, Soosung has been convinced of SAFETY as Top Priority.


Customers first

This achievement of Safety has driven Soosung Family to manufacture the products with the status of durable and reliable performance, which could Soosung have more than 70% of local market share in the area of small and medium-sized integrated equipments through 65 Dealers at home together with exporting them to more than 56 countries.
We have reserved and monitored customers who have sufficient space of logistics centers, factories and warehouses for quick delivery both local market and abroad.
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